Video - Auto-Tune the News #5: lettuce regulation. American blessings.

Videa Kia KCV - IV 2005 Auto-Tune the News #5: lettuce regulation. American blessings.

Auto-Tune the News #5: lettuce regulation. American blessings.

find us on twitter: and/or facebook: Lyrics: ML: Any world order That elevates one nation over another Will fall flat SG: Ah, snap ML: I think that goes against the idea of American exceptionalism SG: Exceptional fast food and exceptional dance moves. ML: Most Americans believe that this country was gifted by God, a blessed nation, and that we are better. SG: Yeah, we the promised land, a sacred place, gettin blessed by Joe Biden in space! JB: God bless America! All: Ay! JB: Gah-awd bless America! All: Ay!! JB: God bless, God God bless God bless America!! All: Ay-men SB: Do you realize if you were to take that lettuce, dry it, and roll it, and smoke it... MG: I know, it tastes like goat shit. SB: You smoke your lettuce. MG: Believe me, I've tried. SB: You're gonna end up with similar problems than if you were smoking tobacco. MG: I know, fo sho, you should try it with tomato - burnin salad in my throat! RM: Steve Buyer, warning complacent Americans about the risks of smoking lettuce. MG: You can warn me all you want, but you'll never stop my leafy green fetish. SB: It's not the nicotine that kills! It's the smoooooke! The smooooooke. Cancer: it's the smoke. Heart disease: it's the smoke. Respiratory disease: it's the smoooooooke! It's the, it's the inhalation, it's the smooooke, the smooooooke. If they wanna obtain their nicotine, it's okay. It's the smooooooke, the smooooooooooooke! SG: The more produce we come across, the more ...

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